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Alexander T. Rauchut

Chief Consumer Officer e& International


Alexander Rauchut is a seasoned leader and innovator in the telecommunications industry, currently serving as the Chief Consumer Officer at e& Group. With a career spanning over a decade, Alexander brings a wealth of expertise in Core Telco, Digital Services, and AI and Advanced Analytics to his role, overseeing operations across international markets and catering to a customer base of over 150 million.

Prior to his tenure at e&, Alexander spent a decade with Deutsche Telekom in Germany, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of the telecommunications landscape. Beginning his career as a management consultant, Alexander quickly ascended through the ranks, leveraging his strategic vision and analytical acumen to drive meaningful change within the industry.

One of Alexander’s most notable achievements includes the establishment of an AI Center of Excellence at e&, where he spearheaded initiatives to fully automate customer management for millions of users. Under his leadership, the organization achieved groundbreaking results in hyperpersonalization of offers, tailoring services to individual preferences and needs with unprecedented precision. Additionally, Alexander has been instrumental in revolutionizing network customer experience, implementing bottom-up strategies to enhance satisfaction and engagement across diverse demographics.